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Description Add a unique and stylish home decor accessory to your place like this abstract metal sculpture. With a unique and interesting look..
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Description A fabulous focal point to any sea inspired decor, the Achilles whale statuary is carved from wood and finished to allow the natura..
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Description With the antiqued appearance of mercury glass, this set of three pearl toned Curran bottles feature clear crystal like stoppers an..
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Description Our precision-cast bunny-rinas are ready for their next recital in your home. Were sure it will be a huge success by your door, on..
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Description Our peaceful Buddha, sitting in a commonly presented pose known as Calling the Earth to Witness, will help provide harmony for you..
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Description Carved entirely from a prime block of mango wood, our sensuous silhouettes are marvelous studies in volume, shape and tone. They'l..
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Description Did someone ring the dinner bell? Our charming handcrafted figurine captures a family of elephants on the move. With hand-painted ..
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Description Our stylized couple faces everything together. Handcrafted and hand-painted, this sculpture symbolizes the indomitable power and t..
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Description The winner, by a nose, is our equine statue. Handcrafted and hand-painted, our sculpture is a beautiful study on a powerful animal..
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Description Our very silly trio of handcrafted elephants recall another era, when these noble creatures were objects of fascination. Hand-pain..
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